How To Choose Your Belt Size

1. To select your belt size you will measure around the largest part of your abdomen where you will wear your Evolution Support Belt. Do NOT pull the tape overly tight but just enough to measure your abdomen circumference.

2. If you’re in between sizes, either will work. However, we recommend that you take into consideration your goals and expectations for any future physique changes.

3. We recommend sizing up if you are at the top end of your size and would prefer a less restrictive fit and ease of putting on.

4. This belt is meant to provide a great deal of support, if you are looking for more of a “warming” belt we recommend sizing up.

Size Chart 

  • Small 25” – 28”
  • Medium 28” – 32”
  • Large 32” – 37”
  • XL 37” – 42”
  • 2XL 42” – 47”
  • 3XL 47” – 53”
  • 4XL 53” – 59”

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